Army List Construction

Warhammer 40k Army list Rules:

  1. We will be using the Games Workshop Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Rule set.
  2. Each player has 2000 points to create an army list using the following restrictions that may be found in our Army Selection Method.
  3. 1 Fortification may be taken with your army.
  4. All Terrain will be placed on tables by the players, in order of Table Side Selection, going back and forth until all terrain has been placed. Fortifications must be able to be placed on the board without having to move terrain.
  5. All Standard Codex’s are allowed.
  6. Forge World Units and Armies will be allowed and need to follow the rules for them in our FAQ.
  7. Any Codex published for sale on or after November 4th, 2017 ( 11/04/2017), or 14 days before the Renegade Open starts, will not be allowed at the Renegade Open. There is always next year to use it!  
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