X-Wing Participants


Name: Faction (Primary) Club/Group Region
Curt Chandler Pigs Eye Squadron
David Mankin
David Mankin
Scott Canham Twin Cities Xwing
Adam Sitnick Rebel Twin Cities Xwing MN
Andrew Brockington
Becky Hunt Imperial Lords of War MN
David Mankin
Andy Myers Scum & Villany MN
Shawn Kardell  The Gaming Goat MN
Robert Meyman #famsquad MN
Matthew Larson  Lodestone MN
Shane Leabch Imperial Green Squadron MN
Craig Leabch Rebel Green Squadron MN
Paul Olsen Scum & Villany MN
Vince Chan Scum & Villany Pigs Eye Squadron MN
Ray Wickham Pigs Eye Squadron MN
Jake Tessem Rebels MN
James Kroeck Sloth Squadron MN
Gloria Kim Sloth Squadron MN
Jason Carlson Imperials  MN
Jack Schermann  MN
David Burban  MN
Joseph Heinz  MN
Patrick Oudesman  MN
Kyle Lehmbecker
Matthew Schlueter Team Crow MN
Nicholas Markgraf Team Crow MN
Erik Gunderson
David Bauer  Scum Twin Cities X-wing MN
Mike Johnson Pigs Eye Squadron MN
Ryan Kriesch The Forgotten Squadron MN