So, where ARE these events, and how can I get to my event in the Hotel?

The Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West Hotel, in Plymouth MN, is the Host of the 5th Annual Renegade Open Gaming Event.  It boasts 35 meeting rooms, with 38,000 square feet of meeting space.  It can be daunting to navigate, and we fully recommend that you explore what this amazing hotel has to offer you as a guest.

Our Events will be held in 13 different areas of the Hotel, and on all three floors. This guide will help you find your way.  You may also Use this Link to help you locate your Event Space.


The Main Floor is where you may check into the Hotel for the Night, as well as eat dinner in the restaurant, enjoy a cocktail, or use the Business Center. Straight ahead as you walk in, you will see the Front Desk.

If you take a left, you may take the stairs up to the Second Floor, below. Walking down the hall, you will find the Regency Ballroom, where on Friday Horus Heresy, 40k Combat Patrol, and 40k Knights Joust will be held. On Saturday and Sunday, the 40k Main Event will be here as well. Moving on, you will find Boardroom 2, where we have Painting Classes and Open Hobby/Gaming setup.

Our Vendor Hall will be in Conference Room B. Here we will have Muse on MinisTower Games, Dreamer’s Vault, Midwest Miniatures Guy, Applied Perspective, and Badger Airbrush.  Please stop by as often as you can!  It’s not the largest, but we plan to work on that for next year.

Conference Room C will be our 40k Main Event Overflow area. The Top Tables will be in this room.

In the Kiosk Area, there will be Snacks and beverages available Friday – Sunday, for those that are hungry before, after, and during their games.  You can also find Fantasy Flight demoing their new tabletop game, Star Wars: Legion on Friday from 02:00p – 08:00p FRI 11/17  and 10:00p – 06:00p SAT 11/18

Near the Kiosk are Conference Rooms D and E.  In Conference Room D, you can find exciting games based on our history.  On Saturday is Bolt Action, a WWII based game, and on Sunday is Saga, which is based on Vikings and the various Gaul Tribes of Europe.

In the other direction from the Front Desk, you will find the Creekside Lounge. The Lounge features a relaxing, congenial atmosphere including music, TV, and a fireplace. It is the perfect place to meet friends and colleagues after work or a night on the town. Full Creekside menu service until 10:00 pm and selected items until 11:00 pm most evenings.

Past the Creekside Lounge, you will walk down a long corridor. This will lead you to the Europa Room, which offers a buffet on Sundays. Just passed that is the Copenhagen Room, which is where Kings of War players will be having their event. At least they are near a bar!


From the Front Desk, you will take some stairs up. This will take you through a narrow open room known as the Mezzanine. This is an excellent location to get some peace and quiet, but on Saturday, from 8pm to 12 Midnight, we will be offering a space for Bitz Trading. This is open to all game systems, so come see what people have to offer! You never know what you might find.

The only event held on the Second Floor will be Warmachine and Hordes, on all three days, Friday/Saturday/Sunday. It will be in the largest room available on that floor, Studio 2. The best way to reach this room is to go through the Kiosk Area, and take the stairs up. It will take you right to the room.


The last area to explore is the Ground Floor of the Hotel. This will take you towards the other location of a cluster of games this weekend. Take a right passed the Front Desk, and then take a left. You will see a set of stairs going down, and it leads directly to the Scandinavian Ballroom.

Here you can find the following events: Star Wars: X-Wing (FRI), Star Wars: Armada (SAT/SUN), Star Wars: Imperial Assault (SUN), Batman Miniatures Game (SAT/SUN), Malifaux (SAT), and our other Main Event, Age of Sigmar (SAT/SUN)

We are set up for an amazing weekend, and we appreciate you sharing it with us.

~ The Renegade Open Staff

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