Horus Heresy 30k Tournament Format

Renegade Open Horus Heresy rules.

This is a three-round, 2250 point tournament, using the Warhammer 40:000 Seventh Edition rules and forces chosen from the the Battles in the Age of Darkness expansion and force org. All army list construction guidelines from this expansion will be followed, with only The Battles in The Age of Darkness Force org chart available. No other force orgs are allowed, so this means castellan, leviathan, or any other optional force orgs are prohibited. This allows for primarchs or other LOW units as long as the 25% rule is followed (so for 2250, a max of 563 points may be spent on a LOW).  The authors of this ruleset acknowledge the possibility of an impending release of the core rules for Forgeworld’s Horus Heresy expansion, but until we know more, the 7th ed. rules will used.

The missions used will be issued to players for each round, running a predetermined mission and deployment type from the Battles In The Age Of Darkness missions found in the back of the various Horus Heresy red army list books. Aside from the victory conditions in the missions written, there will also be tournament-specific “narrative objectives” to allow the games to link up in a campaign-style narrative format. This will provide one “Renegade Campaign Point” to the achieving player, and will contribute to the overall story result as well as serve as a tie-breaker in the event of top-tier players being equally ranked. The amount of “Renegade Campaign Points” accrued by each team will contribute to the overall victory over the narrative conflict. The first place prize will not be given to the top player, but to the top player of the team with the most “Renegade Campaign Points.” this means that in order to win the tournament, one doesn’t necessarily need to be the best general.

This ruleset will determine top players on a basis of wins versus losses accrued over three rounds. There will be a clear winner or loser, with five different reportable results of a battle being worth various points. Draw, catastrophic loss, minor loss, titanic victory, and pyrrhic victory. Each one will be worth a number of points

A catastrophic loss is where you lose the game by your opponent earning double the victory points as you, or if your army gets wiped out completely. It earns 1 point

A minor loss is a loss where your opponent does not have double the victory points as you, and you have at least one surviving unit. It is worth 2 points.

A draw, where you each end with equal victory points. 3 points.

A pyrrhic victory, is where you have more victory points than your opponent, but not double. 4 points.

A titanic victory is earning double the victory points or destroying the opponent’s entire army. It earns a whopping 5 points.

These points will be tallied to crown two team winners, with first place going to the winning team. There will also be a painting award for the best army.

Teams: The players are divided into traitor/loyalist teams, with an overall connecting story, completing a narrative cycle. Note that a few armies normally loyalist or traitor will have to fight for the other team if the numbers are off.

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