Bolt Action Sponsors!

The Renegade Open would like to welcome and introduce the following sponsors for our Bolt Action Event, Saturday 11/18/2017:

Dice of War is a company out of Australia that makes custom dice.  This is perfect for Bolt Action, which uses dice mechanic (dice pulled out of a bag) to determine variable turn order during the game.



XOLK is a Canadian model-making company focusing on affordable & sustainable products. We specialize in miniature scenery for table top & board games.



Osprey Publishing has a huge range of specialist military history books for the military history enthusiast ranging from ancient warfare to the latest military technology.



Warlord Games is an english company from Nottingham, England.  Not only do they publish Bolt Action, but they have a variety of other games as well! Check out Beyond the Gates of Antares (Sci-fi warfare), Hail Caesar (Romans-era warfare), Black Powder (17th Century warfare), and Pike & Shotte (Renaissance Warfare).


Follow the links to these great sponsors!

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