The Renegade Open has 14 different events to choose from:  Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Horus Heresy, 40k Combat Patrol, Warmachine, Star Wars X-Wing, Star Wars: Armada, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Malifaux, Infinity, Batman Miniatures, Bolt Action, Saga, and Kings of War.

You are welcome to try more than one, schedule permitting!

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  • X-Wing, Horus Heresy, Combat Patrol, Infinity, Warmachine, Knights Joust and Malifaux tournaments on Friday, 11/17/2017!
  • WH40K Renegade Open GT, Age of Sigmar, Malifaux, Infinity, Bolt Action, Batman, Kings of War, and Armada Tournaments on Saturday, 11/18/2017!
  • The Renegade Open GT and Age of Sigmar finish up!  Warmachine, Saga, Malifaux, Batman, Imperial Assault, and Armada on Sunday, 11/19/2017!
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Location and Hotel

The Renegade Open Event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West on Nov. 17th, 18th, and 19th 2017.  This Hotel offers food, fun, and gaming space galore!

Room blocks are available at the Crowne Plaza, for $95 a night. An ideal choice for both business and leisure travelers, the hotel offers a variety of convenient services.  Plus it is literally where the Renegade is happening!

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Vendors and Sponsors
Please be sure to check out all of our Event Vendor Hall featuring: Fantasy Flight Games, Applied Perspective, with more to be announced soon!

Also check out all of our Event Sponsors, it’s because of them and you that we can do this every year!  We thank the Sponsors for their immense generosity!


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How to Contact the Renegade Open…

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please contact us! We are a community-driven event, and would love to hear from you.

Find us on Facebook (@TheROGT), Twitter (@TheRenegadeOpen) or email us directly, we would love to hear from you.

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Final Results and Apologies to everyone

Greetings, everyone.   First of all, thank you for a great event.    We had an immense amount of fun putting on the Renegade, and we hope in the end, that you did as well.  There are many moving parts for an event of this size, and mistakes will happen.  We can only learn from these and make our event better for all next year. Second, we owe everyone an apology.   One Day One, there was a mistake with our scoring software, which provided us incorrect data in choosing our Top 16.   Many of you attempted to help, and we greatly appreciate your efforts.  However, this was our event, and ultimately, we had to be the ones to fix the issue.  Here are the actual results from Day One.  They include the correct Top 16 that should have played a fourth game. DAY...

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Sponsor Spotlight: PoweredPlay Gaming Kickstarter!

Most of us enjoy a well-painted army when we go to a tournament… and some of the armies we have seen are nothing short of amazing.  But are you looking to add that something extra to your army?  One of our primary sponsors, PoweredPlay Gaming, has something special in store for you.  They have launched a new kickstarter, and it’s bound to be awesome! Powered play is known for their plug and play LED kits, which most players have used for their vehicles and other larger models.  Now, they are focusing on the small and medium based models!  Here is what they have to say, in their own words: “What does it take to put an LED in small scale models and miniatures? Either a whole lot of engineering, headaches and burning your fingers with soldering irons; or PoweredBases – the first plug and play...

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Updates and More: Primer Missions, FAQ, Painting Matrix, Army Selection

REMINDER –   Your lists will be due no later than 11/7/2014, or two weeks from now. We need time to look them over, and would prefer not to do so the day of.  Please email to We are exactly four weeks out from the 2014 Renegade Open.   It doesn’t seem like it, but the time will fly by and it will be here in all of its glory!  But before it does, we have some announcements and some updates.   The Renegade Open 2014 FAQ v 2.2 The Renegade Open 2014 Primer Mission Packet v 2.1 The Renegade Open Army Selection Method v 2.2 The Renegade Open Painting Matrix  (Special thanks to Chris Mehrstedt and the Adepticon Crew for letting us steal use their rubric!)      ...

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