Hall of Infamy

This is not just your average tournament winners page.
Throughout the tournament weekend we will have accolades that can be earned during the course of regular play. These accolades can land you in the Hall of Infamy and the Most Wanted list.
These accolades will be such things as the most warlord kills, fewest/most rounds played in all your games, most flyer kills, etc. and of course claiming championship of any event.
Our goal here is to recognize not just the tournament winners but to recognize all aspects of achievements throughout the weekend by participants.
Keep your eyes out for Most Wanted players in the future try to knock off or capture the Most Wanted players and earn more accolades.  
Earn raffle tickets throughout your games by completing any of the following:
Completely destroying a Fortress of Redemption  
Taking over an enemy Quad gun and kill something  
Getting your entire remaining army into Linebreaker position at the end of the game  
Have your Warlord kill themselves (Template Scatter, Mind Shackle Scarabs work as well)  
Ending the game with more models on the table than you started with (Tervigons, Reserves count).  
Slaying the enemy Warlord on Overwatch