Malifaux Rules and FAQ











We will be running a 50SS Malifaux on Friday Nov 18th, 2016 at The Renegade Open. There will be three rounds of official ‘Gaining Grounds 2016’-formatted Swiss-like play.  Prizes based on attendance.

  • Faction-locked, 50 Soulstone Crews
  • $15.00 entry
  • 3 PM Check-in, 4 PM Start
  • 3 Rounds
  • 2 Hour Rounds, 45 Min Dinner Break between Rounds 1 & 2

Schedule (tentative to changes):

3:00 PM – Registration

4:00 PM – Round 1 Start

6:00 PM – Round 2 Start

8:00 PM – Dinner Break

8:45 PM – Round 3 Start

11:00 PM – Awards and Raffles

We will be following the official Gaining Ground 2016 tournament rules which can be found HERE.  You can find Rules, FAQ, Tournament Resources, and Player Resources in regards to the game HERE.

All judge rulings will use the Rulebook and FAQ.  All judge rulings are final.

Players will need to declare their Faction at the beginning of the Tournament.  Players will follow normal hiring rules.  A single, Dual-Faction Master may be declared, but must be declared as one Faction or the other for each round, and are then restricted to their normal hiring rules.

All models being played with must be painted to a 3-color minimum.  This includes models being summoned.

Proxies for models not-yet released may be used, be clearly defined/discernable for your opponents (ex: not using a Perdita model as a Latigo Pistolero) and must be painted to the 3-color minimum.

Players must provide their own Fate Decks, Unit Cards, Measuring Implements, Tokens, Markers, and Strategy/Scheme cards.