Warmachine Rules and FAQ

Warmachine 2

Warmachine Tournament Dates and Time are TBA at this time

This event will follow the Rules, FAQ and Errata put down by Privateer Press.


Warmachine & Hordes General Rules:

  • Painted models are not required.
  • All models supplied must be PP models, with proxies allowed only at TO discretion.
  • Models must be easily recognizable from across the table; this means weapons/heads/identifiers for a models should be represented accurately.
  • Tokens for all spells/in-game effects must be used. If it’s not on the table, it didn’t get cast.
  • Players will have to move from table to table between rounds, we recommending bringing a tray of some kind.

Warmachine & Hordes 50pt Steamroller 2015:

  • 50pt, 2 lists required, Divide and Conquer 1 (each list brought must be played at least once).
  • Each Player must select their objective type for each list and record this on the record sheet.
  • Character Restricted.
  • Deathclock Timing (deathclock round times will be in effect).
  • 5 rounds (three rounds day 1, two rounds day 2).
  • 32 Player Cap.

Steam Roller Event


Warmachine & Hordes 25pt Softcore:

  • 25pt 1 list only.
  • No painted requirement (unlike normal hardcore).
  • 4 Minute Timed Turns (NO EXTENSION)
  • One Scenario (Hardcore Deathmatch)

Hard Core Event Rules

Warmachine & Hordes 35pt Bad Bosses:

Who’s the Boss is a format of changing Warcaster/Warlock. Each Round, each player will spin the wheel and be assigned a random Warcaster/Warlock.

In this case however, all we have are the bad ones. Good luck.

  • 35pt 1 list only; build your list per normal restrictions with +5 Warjack/Warbeast points; theme forces are not allowed.
  • A Warcaster assigned to a Hordes list will switch their Focus stat to Fury and play in the same way as a Warlock. Vice verse for a Warlock assigned to a Warmachine army.
  • Deathclock Timing.
  • Who’s the Boss scoring is in effect, meaning scoring WTB points is more important than winning games.