X-Wing Rules and FAQ’s



We will be running an X-Wing Tournament on Friday Nov 18th, 2016 at The Renegade Open. This will be a number of swiss rounds based on attendance with a top 8 final single elimination bracket after the rounds of swiss play.

  • Prizes based on attendance
  • 100 Points per squad
  • $15.00 entry
  • 5pm Check-in- 6pm Start time
  • Number of rounds dependent on the number of players entered. (Expect between 4-6 rounds of swiss play)
  • 60 min rounds

We will be following the Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing Tournament rules and their FAQ.

You will need to provide a copy of your squad for the judges and a copy for your opponents to take home if they want.  A good squad building sheet is also found in the above link. You are limited to 100 points for your squad.

All judge rulings will use the Rulebook and FAQ.  All judge rulings are final.