The Top 16 Players from Saturday’s games (Based on number of games won with strength of schedule and battle points used as tie breakers) will be separated into their own Pod to play in, starting with Game One of the top 16 on Saturday after the dinner break and continuing on Sunday for the Renegade Championship. All other Players will be paired into other pods, with a chance to win their pod for additional prizes. 
There will also be raffle prizes throughout the event! 
The prizes are as follows:

Tentative Top 8 (Championship) Prizes:

First Place (Event Champion) $400 cash prize + Trophy
Second Place – $200 cash prize
Third & Fourth Place – $100 cash prize
Fifth – Eighth Place –  each receive a $50 cash prize
Note: These prizes are estimates based on healthy event attendance. Any changes in prizes will be reflected on this page.
Players who did not make it to Top 8 from Saturday’s swiss rounds will be playing for a separate prize category on Sunday. 

Sunday’s Event (Rogue Trader Tournament) Prizes:

Overall – $100 in gift certificates + Trophy
Best General – $100 in gift certificates
TBD – $100 in gift certificates
TBD – $100 in gift certificates

Best Hobbist:

As a grand hobby event there will be a prize category for best painted/presented army. This will be a separate prize category and will be based entirely on the presentation score the army receives. All GT participants will be eligible to receive this prize regardless of other prizes they have won in the event.
Best Hobbyist – $100 in gift certificates + Trophy

Additional Prizes:

Additional prizes will be awarded for accolades, challenges, door prizes, provided by our event sponsors!  We will hold a Raffle drawing between rounds, so don’t lose your raffle tickets!